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What Necklace To Wear With What Neckline

As the title says, this article is going to talk about which types, or styles, of necklace to wear with which neckline.
We'll cover the different outfit necklines from v-neck to sweetheart and then share which style of necklace to wear with each.
We'll then finish off with a cheat sheet that you can quickly check the night before so you dazzle the next day no matter where you're going or who you're with.


"The easiest necklaces to wear with just about any neckline is a longer one. The length of the necklace clears any v, scoop, drape or boat neckline. Whether you decide to go longer or shorter, you don’t want your necklace bumping up against your neckline. So either select one that is about an ½ an inch to an inch above your neckline or one that drops under your neckline at least several inches.
Longer necklaces, much like v-neck tops, lengthen your neckline, which in general is more flattering. Chokers shorten your neckline, which sometimes can sometimes be a more challenging style to wear. If you are petite, pay attention to how long the long necklace goes. Right below the bustline is good – grazing your bellybutton is too long."

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Types of necklines


different necklines so we can see which necklace will go with which neckline

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Choosing necklaces for necklines

An image of the different necklines and the necklaces including lengths that go with the neckline

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1. V Neck: This is a matchy matchy area. Wear a necklace in a similar triangular V- shape that ends just above the neckline.

2. Turtle Neck: It looks best with longer chain style necklaces.

3. Scoop Necks: They look best with broader necklaces with layers and volume.

4. Crew Neck: Collar necklaces look very stylish.

5. Halter neck: A triangular neck piece with a pointy end.

6. Buttoned down shirt: Sleek and elegant strand necklaces in a V – shape.

7. Buttoned up shirt: Any style works. But personally I like to pair it with short round necklaces.

8. Strapless or off-shoulder: You have full creativity to go here. But the larger the necklace the better.

9. One shoulder: Its best not to pair it with any necklace at all. Rather go with big earrings.

10. Boat Neck: Go with longer thin necklaces. Or better pair with pendants that reach just above your waist.

11. Ballet neck: works best with necklaces that follow the same shape of the neckline.

12. Cowl neck: Nope no necklace.

13. Plunging neckline: Better not take the attention away from the exposed cleavage and bare skin. Opt for heavy earrings instead.

14. Sweetheart neck: A wide round necklace which covers the bare skin looks best.

15. Square neck: A short choker necklace looks best.

17. Round neck: That’s quite easy. The higher the neckline, the longer the necklace and vice versa.


Necklace Sizing:

Here is a little guide on necklace length if you are still in doubt over the necklace length. The higher the neckline the longer the necklace should be. And the lower the neckline, the shorter and rounder the necklace should be.

handy little guide for necklace sizes

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Necklaces according to your bust size:

They don’t just depend on necklines but on your bust also.
1. Smaller bust: Go for longer and chunkier necklaces.

2. Larger bust: A smaller necklace with 2-3 layers works best. Go for bib necklaces.

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Necklines that should NOT be paired with any kind of necklace: Cowl neck, off shoulder, embellished neck and plunging necklines.
Broader and heavier necklaces work best with: sweetheart, strapless, square neck, round neck, scoop neck.
Narrower and V – shape necklaces: Halter neck, V neck, Buttoned up shirt
Longer chains: Turtle neck, boat neck"

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Some more ideas:

"So how can you choose the best necklace for 7 top necklines? Below are some flattering options that run the gamut from faux to fine jewelry, at a wide range of price points.



Thin, short chain necklaces do not work well with crewnecks; they can get caught on the edge of the fabric and hide inside. Instead, go bold! A monochromatic crewneck dress will come to life when accented with a big, colorful piece.



Most V-necks look lovely with a 15” to 18” chain necklace, with or without a pendant; this flattering neckline is the perfect frame. For a “Boho chic” look – especially with deep “V” necklines – layer two or three thin gold, silver or beaded necklaces of different lengths and textures.



My own preference with this sharp, straight-across neckline is no jewelry at all. Picture elegant Audrey Hepburn in her black bateau cocktail dress in “Sabrina.” But if you want to accent a boat neck top with a necklace, go long.


As with boat necks, turtlenecks work best with necklaces of at least 18.” Consider beaded strands or a long cord with a pendant.



A 3-D neckline is so voluminous that a necklace may simply get lost (or tangled) in the fabric. Hoop or chandelier earrings may best complement this style; however, if you’d like to wear a necklace, choose a short style that fits above the neckline.


A collared blouse is one of the most polished, flattering necklines. It works well with short, delicate chain necklaces, long strands of beads or – in a nod to classic elegance –real or faux pearl chokers.



Thanks to the Kardashians, J-Lo and “Real Housewives,” wide, plunging necklines cut way down to there are now ubiquitous – on TV, at least. However, most women may only occasionally sport this sexy style, perhaps for an evening event.
Pair it with a long, dangling lariat, drop or “Y” necklace (a choker with a single chain that drops into the d√©colletage) for a fresh, current look. Lariats – which close by looping through a ring, rather than with a visible clasp – can also be worn with designs that plunge in the back, with the drop or pendant falling down behind.
Whether your neckline is round, “V” or square, wide or deep, classic or daring, the most important thing is to take a chance and experiment. If you like what you see in the mirror – and it makes you happy – you simply can’t go wrong.

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Necklace neckline cheat sheet

A handy quick guide to see which jewellery you should wear with which style of top.

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There you have it, we hope you got some useful tips for which jewellery to wear with which type of top neckline on your next night out or for changing it up at the office.
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