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How To Buy Wedding Rings – A K Campbell Kirkcaldy – 01592 264305

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If you already have your engagement ring, you can use this guide to choose a wedding ring that matches it.  The guide includes the different metals, styles, sizes and info for the grooms ring as well...

We suggest buying both together, unless you want it to be a surprise of course!

Hopefully the groom will have read our "How to buy an engagement ring guide"!!  If not, read it here.

First of all...

What's your style?

You can start by searching for images online at Pinterest or similar photo sharing sites.

Check out your friends rings and people at work.

Have a look at a few of our wedding rings on our website or pop in to our shop on the High Street (map below) and take a look around as we get different styles and designs in all the time.  Just make sure you have left enough time to select something that you'll love for years to come.

Or give us a call 01592 264305 and ask for Richard or Jackie.  Remember that you will have it for years, so take into consideration differing fashions.  You do not want to get a ring that is fashionable now but you don't like in 5 years time.

You might want to take into account your lifestyle and job.  Whether you are active and have a physical job will determine what the best metal is for example.

More on the different metals and styles later...

Have you read our guide to finding jewellery that goes with your skin tone?  You can read that here.

Do wedding rings have to match?

In a word "No".

Do you want them to?

It really depends on the two of your styles and if you like the same things or styles not.

"Don't fret if you like platinum and your partner likes yellow gold. There's no rule that says you have to choose the same metal or even style. You could compromise with braided bands that blend the two metals together or just be totally different—the key to finding something you both love is choosing wedding bands that reflect your individual styles.

You may love the idea of a braided rose gold ring or a diamond eternity band, but once you get to the store, try some rings that aren't on your inspiration board. Chat with the jeweler, then let them make suggestions based on what you like and don't rule anything out. Just like with wedding dresses, you may end up loving something you never thought you would. Wear it around the store for a few minutes and while you have it on, try writing and texting as a comfort test."

Read more from original article here...



5 ways to match your wedding band and engagement ring


There is a way to have too much, and that's the case when pairing a ring and a band.  To contrast and complement, choose an eternity band in which diamonds wrap all the way around. Keep the same metal and the two will look great together.
By the same token, a heavily jeweled engagement ring would look stunning next to a plain metal band.
Colored stones
For an engagement ring with a colored jewel, find a band that incorporates that same color. You won't want the entire band to be covered in the gem, just accented by it.
Uniquely shaped
Engagement rings with twisting bands or other more eclectic designs look best with a wedding band that fits with it like a puzzle. You'll want to go the custom engagement ring route with this option, because the ring and band will have to be designed to match.
Attention getter
If your engagement ring is heavily adorned, large and features an endless halo of diamonds, you might want something just as stand-out for your band. In some cases, simple band will get lost behind the sparkle and size of larger ring.
Engagement rings with a full bezel setting and sleek simple band are modern. If this is your engagement ring style, you should avoid choosing a wedding ring that is too flowery or vintage. The two will clash. Instead, go with something equally contemporary. For example, pair your Full Bezel Solitaire ring with a Scattered Diamond Band. The band is simple, with several full bezel Signature melee diamonds. Both modern in design, these two rings complement each other perfectly.
An engagement ring featuring filigree or organic shapes can be intricate on its own, making it difficult to pair. Choose one of your favorite features about the ring and seek a band with that same design. You'll be extracting the best part without overwhelming the engagement ring."

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Now we come onto the important stuff to get right.

Wedding Ring Styles


"When you walk into a jewellery shop, most people are not thinking about their preferred profile, width and depth of a ring; you are looking for something that catches your eye and makes you go “oooooh"! There is, however, so much choice that it can be really hard to decide what will be most suited to you and your lifestyle. You are, after all, choosing something to be worn for the rest of your life. It is really important that whatever you choose, it is comfortable on your finger. This can differ from person to person, so it's a good idea to try on different styles.




Most jewellers offer several different profiles in plain wedding bands. The profile refers to the shape you would see if the ring was viewed as a cross-section. Below you can see the most common profile shapes. They can, however, have different names - for example a flat-court is also known as an “easy-fit”. The court and d-shape are the more traditional choice, but we have found that the double comfort is our best seller as it is easy to wear if you're not used to wearing jewellery, whilst also having a bit more of a modern edge.
Wedding Ring Profiles

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The depth of the ring refers to the thickness of the band, or how high it would sit on the finger. Depth is often referred to as light weight (1.3mm), medium weight (1.7mm) or heavy weight (2.1mm). The mm measurement is taken from the centre of the ring where it is heaviest; some profiles taper to a smaller depth at the edges such as the court. It is important to remember that these depths may vary between jewellers.
Wedding Ring Depths

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This can be confusing as jewellers will also talk about weight when referring to how heavy in grams a ring is. The depth will affect the weight of the ring; a heavy weight ring will have more metal meaning more gram weight.
Some jewellers will not guarantee a depth, but instead a gram weight. For example, a ring will weigh the same if a size I or size M, as they will resize the ring to your size as opposed to making it in your size. This in turn means the depth will potentially change in the resize process. Our preferred method is having your ring made in your exact size, profile, width and depth, meaning that you will have guaranteed specifications and a gram weight too! This means you only pay for the exact amount of metal used to make your ring.




The majority of wedding rings are between 2mm and 10mm wide. The width can affect the comfort of the ring and even the size needed; the wider the ring, the bigger the size you may need. The average width that most ladies go for is between 2mm-4mm and men tend to opt for 5mm-7mm, however this is not set in stone and there is no “right or wrong” width to go for. It's what feels right for you and your style!
Wedding Ring Widths

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Making your choice Often ladies will opt to match their wedding ring with their engagement ring specifications to make a perfect matching pair. This means that the decision has often been made for you, or at least made simpler. You will know once you start trying on different profiles, widths and depths what looks strange and what looks right on your finger, and most importantly what feels comfortable. The choice can therefore sometimes be harder for men to make as your choices are limitless (within reason!). Again, you will quickly ascertain what feels right; this can often be completely different to what you imagined you would like the look of. Go with it and trust your fingers!"

More info from the original source here...
So, onto the Groom, although the metal information can be used for the bride as well.


The Groom’s Guide to Men’s Wedding Rings


"Diamond Encrusted Men’s Wedding Rings

diamond encrusted wedding ring

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These are the most expensive men’s wedding rings to buy. As the name suggests, these rings are encrusted with diamonds, which obviously plays an enormous role in the price of the ring.

Platinum Men’s Wedding Rings

platinum wedding ring

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They’re designed for men who want a premium-quality wedding ring, but don’t necessarily want the sparkle of diamonds twinkling on their fingers.
Many men have a mistaken idea about platinum. Platinum, some people think, should be the strongest metal used in a men’s wedding ring. However, platinum is actually a weaker metal than gold.


Palladium Men’s Wedding Rings

palladium wedding ring

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Palladium men’s wedding rings are slightly more expensive than gold rings, although they’re not as popular. Palladium is a new member of the men’s wedding ring world, and the metal was only classified as a “precious” metal in 2010.
People like palladium because it looks virtually identical to platinum – but costs about half the price. Palladium is actually the metal mixed with gold to create white gold.
Another neat advantage of palladium over platinum, aside from cost, is that it’s lighter. It also keeps its shape over time, and is sturdy enough to survive a rugged work environment.
The main downside of palladium rings, in fact, is that they’re difficult to find. Even nationwide jewelry stores won’t always carry palladium rings. However, palladium is steadily increasing in popularity, so times are changing.

Gold Men’s Wedding Rings

gold wedding ring

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Gold is the most popular men’s wedding ring material. It’s been the accepted choice among men’s wedding rings for decades.
One of the most important things to know about shopping for gold men’s wedding rings is to not always pick the gold ring with the highest karat count. 18k rings, for example, scratch more easily than 14k rings.


White Gold

white gold wedding ring

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White gold wedding bands feature gold that has been plated with rhodium. It has a similar weight and feel to a standard gold wedding ring, but it features a unique color. The color is similar to platinum, but gives off more of a brilliant white hue.
If you buy a white gold wedding band, then you need to remember that the rhodium plating needs to be replaced every 10 years or so (this holds true on all white gold jewelry).

Tungsten Men’s Wedding Rings

tungsten wedding ring

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Tungsten is the most popular men’s wedding ring alternative to gold available today. Tungsten rings are distinctive, affordably-priced, and stylish. Some call them the “hipsters” of the men’s wedding ring world.
Typically, tungsten wedding bands come in black or grey varieties, although you’ll sometimes see a white option as well. Unless you really like the color white, white tungsten bands aren’t generally a good idea. The metal scratches too easily, and the scratches will be particularly noticeable with the white backdrop.
Another reason why tungsten is popular is because it’s stronger than steel or titanium.


Tips and Tricks for buying a Men’s Wedding Ring: What Else Do You Need to Know?

Buying a men’s wedding ring involves more than just picking the right metal and price. Here are some of the other things to consider before purchasing a men’s wedding ring:


How wide should the ring be? You’ll want to try on a few different rings to decide which one works best for you. Obviously, you want the ring to be tight enough to stay securely on your finger, but not so tight that it’s going to fly off every time you high 5 someone.


Do you want the edge of your wedding ring to be curved or flat? If it’s flat, then the edge of the ring will hit your finger at right angles. If it’s curved, then the edges will be rounded, so they’re smooth against your finger. Typically, rounded edges are more popular, but some people like to mix things up. Some rings also feature a blend of rounded edges with square edges.


Finish refers to the texture of a ring’s metal. It makes a significant difference in the appearance of the metal. Popular finishes include:

  • High Polish: this is the most traditional choice for men’s wedding rings. It gives the right a reflective, shiny finish.
  • Matte: Matte gives the ring a more understated, modern look with a less reflective finish.
  • Combination: Do you like the modern style of matte, but appreciate the reflectiveness of high polish? A combination ring may be the right choice for you.
  • Hammered: This may be the most unique finish in the men’s wedding band world. Hammered finishes make your ring look like a thousand tiny hammers have hit the ring from all angles. You get an eye-catching, unique look that kind of resembles the scales of a snake wrapping around your wrist.



A few decades ago, men’s wedding bands were extremely straightforward. Minimal customization options were available. Today, men’s wedding rings come with a variety of detailing options.
You can choose to add gemstones to the edge of your band, for example. Other men choose to have inscriptions on the interior of the band. Some men like sapphire accents. You can also get unique options like a vertical stripe or a Celtic knot design.


Engraving the ring leaves unique designs on the outside edge. We’ve seen unique engraving options like getting a fingerprint engraved into the metal, so you constantly have a reminder of your fiancée’s fingerprint close by.

And the last metal to touch on is...

Titanium Wedding Rings

mens titanium wedding band

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"Titanium is valued for its durability, modern aesthetic and comfort.
Appearance: Titanium is light grey and can be polished to a shine or textured for a matte finish. Titanium wedding bands are lighter in color than tungsten wedding bands and stainless steel wedding bands, and they will generally be more matte than platinum and gold wedding rings.
Comfort: Titanium jewelry is a very comfortable wedding ring choice because it is so lightweight. This feature makes titanium popular in both men's wedding bands and women's wedding bands, especially for individuals who are not accustomed to wearing a lot of jewelry.
Cost: Titanium is very affordable in the wedding jewelry category. Titanium wedding bands are generally more expensive than stainless steel rings and less expensive than gold rings. Titanium tends to be much more affordable than platinum. Titanium is also a good investment because it lasts and maintains its appearance for a lifetime.
Durability: Titanium is known for its durability. Titanium wedding bands are scratch-resistant and will not bend, break or melt under any normal conditions. Titanium does develop a natural oxide layer over time. This layer can be polished off if you prefer. Titanium can be engraved with laser engraving tools, which many professional jewelers possess.
Care: Titanium wedding bands are easy to care for. You can clean your titanium jewelry at home with a simple solution of soap and water or simply polish your titanium wedding rings regularly with a soft cloth. Titanium jewelry can also be cleaned in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner and polished by a professional jeweler.
Style: You do not have to sacrifice style when you choose a titanium wedding band. Titanium wedding rings are available in both plain designs and intricate styles. Many titanium rings have diamond embellishments and gemstone settings. Some titanium wedding bands are decorated with gold, and titanium can also be anodized to add color to the jewelry. Blue, purple, green, pink and red titanium rings are available."

See more from original source here...

So, how much do wedding rings cost?

This is really an open ended question as there are a load of factors to consider...
Do you want diamonds on it?, and if so, how many?
What the metal used is and so forth.
So, they can range from a coke ring pull to thousands of pounds.
So, our answer is "Whatever you feel comfortable spending."  You want to take into account how much the insurance will be too.


You want to make sure it fits properly.  Here's a handy ring sizing chart.  To be sure, you want to confirm with a jeweller.
There you go for this article, we hope you got a lot of useful information from it and hopefully see you in our shop soon!

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